Information provided in relation to our services is collected from personal experiences and experiments. The Information our educational platform provides does not in anyway, shape or form constitute financial advice.

The Elevate Kingdom Educational Platform will constantly attempt to keep this website updated with the most up to date and
reliable forms of information when required. However, certain information can change without our acknowledgment and
Elevate Kingdom does not guarantee the accuracy of the information displayed on our website, related services or third party
applications at any certain time.

Every Dedicated effort has been made to ensure the information provided is both up to date and correct. Individuals must under
no circumstance rely on the information provided to make financial or investment decisions. Before making any decision
related to financial investments we strongly advise consulting a financial planner that can assist you accordingly to make the
correct financial decision, applicable to your present circumstances, Investment requirements or individualised expectations.

Elevate Kingdom provides no direct warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or fullness of information provided within the
platform, or correlated resources. Ascertained, Elevate Kingdom and members of staff cannot be associated with any liability or
responsibility under any statute. Furthermore, Founders, Staff members and the Elevate Kingdom establishment do not accept
any liability for any mistakes or omissions that occur due to the result of information displayed within our services by a recipient
or any other individual.

In regards to the displayed results and information stated on this website Elevate Kingdom endeavours to ensure the accuracy
of all results and customer experiences displayed on our website. On the other hand, we are unable to 100% certify the
authenticity of any client results. Some content without our awareness could be based of In-factual client experiences and
without our knowing some could be false. Elevate Kingdom explores all extensive measures to attempt to rule this out and
provide the most accurate form of content possible. Alternately, the dedicated purpose of live results, content and financial
income is to help us display the different types of success social media has produced and the beneficial rewards that the
industry can potentially deliver.

To conclude, Elevate Kingdom and Its associates do not endorse or associate with any extent of financial decisions made based
of the information our educational platform provides. A kind remainder that the information provided is to be taken from a
personal knowledge perspective and does not condone nor accept any liability for financial decisions made from the resources
provided. We cannot at all guarantee any results from the information purchased and we do not guarantee success with the
information we provide due to market volatility. Elevate Kingdom advises all members of its community to conduct their own
independent diligence before starting a business, do not make financial decisions based off of the information provided. The
Founders, staff members and external parties of this educational platform are not at all responsible for any losses that may
occur from the knowledge or guidance provided.

If you uphold any concerns or would like to make an enquiry related to our companies legal policy you can do so by navigating
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